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The Right Plan


Business Services

The Right Plan 

Through a 360° approach, our team can help you achieve your goals, create greater impact, and move your mission forward. Whether you need targeted guidance or a comprehensive solution, our experts in fundraising, executive search, communications, strategic,  business services,  can help you get there. Through a comprehensive review of  of your organization  We can uncover potential opportunities within your organization, leading to strategy development and competitive advantage. Our consultants identify where there is scope for improvement and develop strategies to address any elements of your business. We ensure the right plan., the right direction and the right focus. 

Areas of Expertise

Nonprofit Development & Management
Business Evaluation Analysis
Organizational Strategies
Grant Proposals/ Funding Resources
Funding Campaigns
Commercial Loans Application
IRS Tax Exemption Application
State Bid Proposal
Business Plan
DBE Certification
New Business Setup
Community Program Development 
Community Outreach Campaigns
Professional Website & Printing 
Accounting Services &  Setup
HCBS Cost Reports 
IRS 990 Services
A-133 Audits
Organization Registered Agent  
Fiscal Agent Services
Social Media Account Setup & Posting 
Website Development 
Petition Drive 
TV Commercials 
Mass Mailing  
Business Cards & Brochures 
Business Meeting
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