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Starting & Managing Nonprofits

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Training Class

Nonprofit Specialist Certificate

The Nonprofit Specialist Certificate Program is designed to enhance the skills of people who are either new to the nonprofit world, currently working in a nonprofit and wanting to learn more about nonprofit functioning, or individuals interested in getting a job in a nonprofit. Classes are taught by Charles Williams from The Williams Group NOLA who will provide students with skills they can use immediately to help their organization reach its goals.

Responsibilities of a Nonprofit Board and the Management Team

        • Why are Articles, Provisions & Bylaws Important ?

        • Understand Basic Financial and Accounting Terms

        • The Tax Exemption Application / 501(c)(3)

        • Applying for Federal, State & Local Grants

        • Understand End of Budget Year Reporting & Filing 990

        • Grants & Grant Proposals 

Each attendee will receive a Nonprofit Specialist Certificate upon completion of test

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