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Homeless Work Program

We are proposing the development of two programs. A Community Counselors Program and a Community Beautification Work Program. Our counselors will act as case managers, aiding our homeless population in locating, reuniting, and returning to their families.  They will also be identifying community resources, and helping our unhoused population connect to those resources in our city and in their hometowns. Our counselors will be a consistent presence in this community and provide ongoing support.


The Community Beautification Work Program will be made up of a corp of workers comprised mainly of individuals from our bridge communities.  They will assist in planting trees, and organizing community cleanup and beautification efforts. Furthermore, they will act as a response team securing abandoned properties and responding to general requests from citizens throughout our communities. 

We understand that addressing a major issue requires involvement from everyone. That's why we're reaching out to ask for volunteers to become Community Counselors and Advisory Board Members to assist in the development of this program and budget. We need your help to make this a reality. We encourage members of our community, churches, community organizations, sponsors, and funders to join us in this effort.

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