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The Williams Group NOLA Training Class

Starting & Managing
Nonprofits Training Class 

The Nonprofit Specialist Certificate Program aims to improve the skills of individuals who are either new to the nonprofit sector, currently employed in a nonprofit, seeking to expand their knowledge, or interested in pursuing a career in the field. 

Basic Nonprofit Studies Include:  $175 Fee

    * Responsibility of Nonprofit Board and Management Team

        • Why are Articles, Provisions & Bylaws Important?

        • Understand Basic Financial and Accounting Terms

        • The Tax Exemption Application / 501(c)(3)

        • Applying for Federal, State & Local Grants

        • Understand End of Budget Year Reporting & Filing 990

        • Grants & Grant Proposals 

Businesswoman with Tablet

Grants for Women Entrepreneurs  

We will explore 15 essential grants for women entrepreneurs in this webinar, which will assist you in comprehending and applying for grants for both start-ups and existing businesses.  

$150 Fee
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