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The Williams Group NOLA

Community Investment Consulting

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Charles Williams, CEO



National Association of Nonprofits

2018 Board of Governors

Washington,  DC

Business Meeting

Know Us


We are a full service firm that works with many non-profits and small business' in traditional areas of management and development. We are on the forefront of innovative thinking in community development solutions. Our expertise is accessible in a variety of ways: one to one consulting, workshops, seminars, conference sessions,  program management, research, grant writing and submission. 


We’re passionate about helping our clients succeed. Our values—Integrity, Partnership, Candor, Inclusion, Rigor, Creativity—define and guide how we approach our work with organizations. Because  we serve our clients, we change our world for the better.

Know You

What drives us is to be apart of your story. 
  • To build relationships with the people who live your mission.

  • To live our mission: to collaborate and innovate with people who change lives through philanthropic vision and action.

  • To enact our values: Integrity, Candor, Rigor, Partnership, Inclusion, Creativity.

  • To share our expertise through our insights and events, and learn from yours.


Taking Note


Collaborating and innovating 

We collaborate with corporations, governments and business organizations on community projects. Together, we aim to apply innovating ideas while  solving real-world problems. Building on a long-standing tradition of working with partners, we welcome request to provide over site on community projects. 

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The Williams Group NOLA Logp.png
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